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WELCOME!  We are proud to sponsor this educational initiative, dedicated to providing free CME, CEUs & CPEUs required by many state boards for Registered Dietician, RD, DTR, Nutritionist license or certification renewal. Check back often for updates, including new free Dietician CEU courses offering free CPEUs that are posted frequently. Through extensive content review, our staff approves Dietician RD CEU courses that are timely and approved for CDR Credit.
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Maintaining Hydration and Tube Patency in Enteral Tube Feedings- Describe fluid requirements for tube-fed patients and identify those at risk for dehydration. List the strategies to keep feeding tubes patent and the methods that have been shown to successfully declog tubes. Discuss the role of automated flush pumps on nursing time and patient safety.1.5 Free CEUs   Link to Post-test (Vol 5, #2)

Weighing the Outcomes: Ethical Issues in Kidney Disease- Describe problem-solving techniques to use in ethical decision-making. Identify barriers to ethical decision-making. Describe best practices in ethical decision-making. Define ethics terminology. Recognize the role values and ethics plays in their daily practice. Describe response to various common ethical dilemmas faced with ESRD patients.  3.0 Free CEUs

Surgery for Metabolic Obesity Disease- Outline the rising prevalence and the medical impact of obesity disease in the United States. Discuss the current understanding of the pathophysiology of Metabolic Obesity Disease. Describe the impact of bariatric surgery on Diabetes, in the setting of Metabolic Obesity Disease. 0.75 Free CEUs 

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NEW!  Nutrition In The Critically Ill Obese- Discuss the pathophysiology related to obesity.
Identify the comorbidities of obesity which complicate ICU care.
List the current suggested nutritional recommendations for the obese ICU population.  1.0 Free CEUs  
(+ MD, PA, RPh)

“Stevia: The Journey from GRAS to Grocery”- Develop a better understanding of how food ingredients are regulated and the process to which they are subjected before being allowed in the marketplace. Increase knowledge and understanding of the stevia plant, its components and the testing and science behind this new ingredient and be able to provide scientifically based information to clients, colleagues, members of the media, etc. Determine how stevia is currently being used in the marketplace and possible future applications as well as populations who may be especially interested in this low-calorie sweetener.  1.0 Free CEUs

Promoting Wellness in Early Childhood- Identify ways in which Project Launch participants devise strategies to ensure that children are developmentally on track to learn and succeed when they begin attending school. Recognize how serious problems such as unemployment, poverty, and substance abuse negatively impact young children in a variety of ways, while evaluating collaborative interventions that have assisted in giving children a healthier start in life. Determine the importance of evaluating the nature and scope of the behavioral health challenges facing different communities important in order to plan appropriate interventions to fit specific needs. Review data pertaining to substance abuse and suicide among adolescents in the United States and identify resources that will further enhance awareness in these area. Analyze key components of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), particularly regarding services for individuals with mental health and addiction needs, and how these recommendations may impact the scope of behavioral health interventions and treatment.  2.0 Free CEUs

CALL TO ACTION: ELEVATING YOUR ROLE IN PATIENT CARE- Describe the critical role that the healthcare professional plays within the hospital setting to address the malnourished patient. Implement at least one systematic approach for recognizing and documenting malnutrition within your own institute. Apply at least one method for engaging the healthcare team on the value of nutrition intervention strategies within the malnourished patient population.   2.0 Free CEUs

Pre-Pregnancy through Adolescence: Impact of Nutrition on Health and Well-being in Adult Life- Identify appropriate macro- and micro-nutrient requirements for healthy children and adolescents. Support age-appropriate weight gain in childhood. Incorporate evidence-based nutritional guidelines into the management plans for an infant and toddler. Provide assistance in the nutritional planning for patients. Provide education for patients and family members regarding optimal ways to meet nutritional goals for the family. 1.25 Free CEUs   (+MD, NP)    (expires 4/11/14)

Help Your Patients Fill Their Fiber Gaps- List reasons why Americans tend to fall short on fiber intake. Name different types of fiber and identify sources of each. Identify specific health benefits resulting from satisfactory fiber consumption. Assist patients in filling their fiber gaps at meals and snacks. Identify opportunities to offer fiber supplementation as appropriate for certain populations.  1.0 Free CEUs


Wellness Coaching Skills to Enhance Your Client Follow-Up- Implement a client follow-up session in a way that fosters positive energy, trust, and rapport. Implement the goal review process using a strengths-based approach and empathy reflections to create a positive frame for the rest of the conversation. Support the client in focusing on possibilities instead of solutions by discovering personal strengths, championing successes, and staying judgment-free when encountering challenges. Support and empower the client to choose appropriate next steps.  1.0 Free CEUs

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Treating Critical Limb Ischemia- Determine the appropriate urgency of critical limb ischemia with vascular intervention. Discover endovascular options for treatment of critical limb ischemia. Incorporate open operative techniques for limb revascularization. Define side-effects and outcomes of revascularization procedures.   1.0 Free CEUs   (+MD)

Strength Begins Within: Building Better Bone Health Webinar- Explain the basics of bone health. Educate on bone health across the different life stages. Address the shortfall food groups and nutrients of need based on 2010 Dietary Guidelines and recent dietary recommendations. Present recent research supporting the role of dairy/dairy nutrients in bone health.  1.0 Free CEUs  (+DTR)

Nutrition In The Critically Ill Obese- Discuss the pathophysiology related to obesity. Identify the comorbidities of obesity which complicate ICU care. List the current suggested nutritional recommendations for the obese ICU population.  1.0 Free CEUs   (+MD, PA, RPh)

Cross Contamination Action Ideas- Identify cross contamination as a contributing factor to foodborne illness. Provide diverse examples of cross contamination. Name at least five tactics to apply in foodservice establishments and/or home kitchens to protect food from contamination. 1.0 Free CEUs (+DTR)

Help Your Clients Reach their Health Potential with a Plant-Based Diet- List and discuss five primary statistical trends relating to plant-based eating. Identify five ways in which the Western diet negatively impacts human health and the environment. Discuss commonalities among the USDA’s MyPlate program, the Academy’s position on vegetarian diets, the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate, and the traditional vegetarian food pyramid. Inventory eight specific health benefits that research has shown to be associated with plant-based diets. List four nutrients that may be deficient in plant-based diets and discuss strategies for achieving adequate intakes of these nutrients. Develop strategies to assist clients in adopting and adhering to plant-based eating practices.   1.0 Free CEUs

Focus On: Dietary Guidelines for Americans- Solid ReSeaRCh Foundation Behind dietaRy GuidelineS, MyPlate ReCoMMendationS. How Soy Fits Into Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Best of MyPlate Tracking Tools and Apps.   1.0 Free CEUs  (+NP, +PA)  Link to Post-test