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WELCOME!  We are proud to sponsor this educational initiative, dedicated to providing Certified Nursing Assistant CNA CME & CEUs  required by many state boards for CNA license renewal. Check back often for updates, including new free Nursing Assistant CNA CME courses offering free CEUs that are posted frequently. Through extensive content review, our staff approves CNA CEU courses that are current and accredited.
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Infection Control in Long-Term Care- The development of an effective, facility-wide infection control program is paramount to the reduction of healthcare acquired infections in the long-term care environment. This course provides a complete framework for developing an effective infection control program, and provides in-depth guidance and helpful tools for surveillance, data collection and analysis, education, reporting oversights, as well as reporting to agencies and other facilities.  1.0 Free CEUs 

Disasters and Evacuation for CNAs - If your facility has a disaster plan, you should study it so you will know what to do in an emergency. If not, some of the simple actions listed below will help you be much better prepared if a disaster should strike near your facility. Covers: The importance of knowing what to do in a disaster. Reporting emergencies. Evacuating residents. 1.0 Free CEUs

HIV/AIDS: Epidemic Update- Discuss the background and significance of the AIDS epidemic. Discuss the characteristics of HIV disease. Describe the transmission of HIV infection, including risk behaviors and routes of contagion. Discuss the natural history and classification of HIV infection. Describe the treatments available in the care of patients with HIV, including antiretroviral regimens. Discuss the impact of the virus on special populations living with HIV infection, including women, children and the elderly.   1.0 Free CEUS

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NEW!  Feeding A Resident- Meals are an essential part of maintaining and restoring health.Learn how to properly assist and care for residents with this information. How to assist a resident at mealtimes. How to feed a resident who needs assistance eating. How to prevent choking.  1.0 Free CEUs

Communicating With the Elderly- Explore the special communication needs of the elderly.  1.0 Free CEUs

Mental Health- This free course is worth 1 CEU / Inservice Continuing Education Credit Hour. It provides an overview of mental health, some of the more common mental illnesses, and guidelines for caregivers. The objective of this course is to give caregivers basic information about mental illnesses and good mental health practices.    1.0 Free CEUs

Grief and Depression- Identify the characteristics of major depression and differentiate between grief and depressive reactions. Recognize the components used in assessing, evaluating, and questioning the depressed or grieving individual. Describe practical suggestions to assist those with grief and loss, depression, and anxiety.   2.0 Free CEUs

Domestic Violence: The Florida Requirement- Define domestic violence and its impact on health care. Cite the general prevalence of domestic violence on a national and state level and identify state laws pertaining to the issue. Describe how to screen and assess individuals who may be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, including the importance of conducting a culturally sensitive assessment. Identify community resources presently available for domestic violence victims and their perpetrators throughout Florida concerning legal aid, shelter, victim and batterer counseling, and child protection services.  2.0 Free CEUs

Human Papillomavirus, Genital Warts & Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis- The purpose of this course is to describe human papillomavirus (HPV) and associated conditions (genital warts and recurrent respiratory papillomatosis), including risk factors, diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, and preventive measures. 1.0 Free CEUs

Resident Rights: Privacy for CNAs Identify the resident rights requirements for personal privacy. List four types of personal privacy. Define the job of an ombudsman   1.0 Free CEUs

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Dysphagia: An Update on The Evidence- List the signs and symptoms of oropharyngeal dysphagia and when to make a referral for a swallowing evaluation. Describe what speech-language pathologists do with a swallow referral and the criteria for a recommendation for an instrumental swallow evaluation. List rehabilitative and compensatory strategies to treat swallowing disorders. Describe how certified nurse assistants learn to feed patients and how improved feeding and oral care practices can be increased.   1.0 Free CEUs


HIPAA: A Clinician’s Guide to Using and Protecting Patient’s Information- Understand the purpose of HIPAA and the Privacy Rule. Understand why all healthcare employees must comply. Understand the term “protected health information”. Understand the rules for use and disclosure of protected health information. Understand the Notice of Privacy Practices and clients’ rights.   1.0 Free CEUs

TB 101 for Health Care Workerssponsored by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)- Lesson 1: Describe what causes TB. Describe the global situation of TB. List three factors that have contributed to the global resurgence of TB. List continuing challenges to TB control in the United States. Lesson 2: Explain how TB is spread. Explain how latent TB infection and TB disease develop. Explain the difference between latent TB infection and TB disease. Lesson 3: Briefly explain the concept of targeted testing. List groups at high risk for infection with M. tuberculosis. List groups at high risk for progression to TB disease after infection with M. tuberculosis. List the methods that can be used to test for TB infection. Lesson 4: List the five components of a medical evaluation for TB disease. List the five components of a TB bacteriological examination. Lesson 5: Explain why latent TB infection is treated. Describe three treatment regimens for latent TB infection. List potential adverse reactions to the drugs used to treat latent TB infection. Lesson 6: Briefly describe the preferred treatment regimen for TB disease. List adverse reactions to drugs used to treat TB disease. Describe TB treatment adherence strategies.  Register for post-test   (Course CB/WB1538)   1.0 Free CEUs

Resident Rights: Confidentiality for CNAs- Define the term confidentiality. Identify the resident rights requirements for confidentiality. List the different types of confidential information. List three methods to protect confidential resident information.    1.0 Free CEUs